Here's a little bit about us.

Allison and John Girone are a Mother & Son business/team based in Delaware (near Philadelphia, Maryland, and S.NJ beaches) as well as Steubenville, Ohio, near Pittsburgh, PA. 

We bring our unique perspectives, generations and skills to capturing the Good the True and the Beautiful in still and moving images of people, places and events.


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Much of what my family taught me about love and gratitude, as a child, relates back to the camera. My father filmed and edited our family films and the yearly recap of those images, re-lived, was a treasure. (Still is!) In them we defined our family bonds. Our memories are rich and happy because we have LIFE captured in film, to remind us of the memories behind the smiles

Images and memories stopped in time can center us in gratitude.

After getting a college degree in Film Studies, I went to NYC to become an agent at a top modeling agency, staring at photographers’ work all day. I moved away from that for a while and had a family. Being so grateful for my 4 children and not wanting to forget their "littleness," I filmed and photographed them. Oh, how that time went so fast! They're big now. But I am still filming them, even filming WITH them. Full circle. The circle of the lens.

I look through a lens with love... it is my love language.


                                                                                      The O. G.  

                                                                                     The O. G.

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 The G whiz in G photography & Films.

I always loved to be the guy behind the camera, even since my early childhood when I made short skits and films for fun. That same love is still within me to this day. I take your story, the vision that you dream of telling, and "concretize" it into a video personalized for you.  I understand the need for each of your details to be precisely included to enhance your story to a whole new level. I will work directly with you to offer my skillset in film and editing to aid your creative ideas.

I keep up to date with the latest equipment, editing programs, and techniques. In your videos, you can expect a high-quality image, detailed sound design, full color correction, and hours of fine tuning. I can edit any style, whether it be an intense workout session, corporate branding or an intimate family film. The purpose of my editing is to enhance and help express the stories we all wish to tell.

“An editor is successful when the audience enjoys the story and forgets about the juxtapositions of the shots. If the audience is aware of the editing, the editor has failed.” ~ Ken Dancyger from his book, The Technique of Film and Video Editing.


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